A Generous Gift

At morning service on April 18th, Mrs. Faye Miller presented to Rev.Dr. James a cheque for US$5000 for our rebuilding fund.

This most generous gift was given by Mr. Rupert White in memory of his mother Mrs. Mary Baxter-White who for many years had a summer home on Grand Anse Beach.

Over the years Rupert has made many visits here and his love of bridge connected him with Faye who would have in conversation talked about the rebuilding of our church after Ivan. So this gift was very unexpected but gratefully received.  Thank you Mr. White.

The World Bank

The Government of Grenada with the assistance of funding from the World bank will be reinforcing the cliff to the west side of the church wall. Another wall will be built in front of this existing wall to support the upper half of the cliff. The middle half of the cliff will have wire mesh to secure this part. From the street level a wall will be built to support the lower level and will end at the starting of the wire mesh.

Initial preparations should start in June with construction beginning in September and finishing in the early part of 2015.  This much needed reinforcement will provide protection and safety to all persons entering/leaving the Sendall Tunnel. it will also allow us to go ahead with the rebuilding of our church



Lloyd and Brenda Lougheed

Lloyd and Brenda Lougheed from Fergus, ON Canada contacted us through our website with the idea of assisting us in any way during the six weeks they would be in Grenada (Feb-Mar). Prior to their visit they had gathered, used clothing, bedding, books ,shoes and tools which were packed in a barrel which arrived during their visit.  Here in Brenda's words she tells of their experience. 

"During our 6 week, for the first part of the week Lloyd would assist the Agricultural Science teacher at the school farm and I assisted small groups of students with building literacy skills.

The Principal Ms. DeAllie, the staff and students welcomed us and made us feel a contributing part of their school. We also had the privilege of delivering school supplies and meeting the Principal Mr. Cudjoe at Samaritan school.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to volunteer at this lovely school.

Volunteering at Macdonald, attending the Kirk and meeting so many lovely people was a highlight of our Grenada vacation. Grenada has warmed our hearts and souls and hopefully we will return to volunteer again"

Back in Canada, they have already started acquiring books to come down in a barrel  and are looking at soap dispensers for both schools. So, we are grateful for their generosity of time and enthusiasm.  Thank you Lloyd and Brenda! 



Vicki Bragen

Vicki Bragen  and her husband Jim had worked with the Samaritan Church and Macdonald College for 2 months in 2013.  Sadly in January this year , Jim suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. This trip to Grenada in March was an emotional trip for Vicki as well as for the members of the Samaritan congregation and the staff and students of Macdonald college who over the 2 months of their visit in 2013 had formed a bond with Jim and Vicki.

There was a joint service on March 30th of the 3 churches at Samaritan church to celebrate Jim's life.  Rev. Dr.James  spoke of Jim's achievements and his commitment to pursue God's work in Grenada.  Vicki spoke as well.  A social time after the service gave the congregationa chance to speak with Vicki and offer their condolences.