Vicki Bragen

Vicki Bragen  and her husband Jim had worked with the Samaritan Church and Macdonald College for 2 months in 2013.  Sadly in January this year , Jim suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. This trip to Grenada in March was an emotional trip for Vicki as well as for the members of the Samaritan congregation and the staff and students of Macdonald college who over the 2 months of their visit in 2013 had formed a bond with Jim and Vicki.

There was a joint service on March 30th of the 3 churches at Samaritan church to celebrate Jim's life.  Rev. Dr.James  spoke of Jim's achievements and his commitment to pursue God's work in Grenada.  Vicki spoke as well.  A social time after the service gave the congregationa chance to speak with Vicki and offer their condolences.